Synopsis: When Ben rehearses a dance with Shayne for their high school's show choir, he discovers Shayne has more on his mind than jazz hands.
Writer/Director: Matthew Riutta
Cast: Tommy Huebner, Robert Hess, Jen McFarlane
Cinematographer: Jesse Eisenhardt
Editor: Collin Kriner
Production Designer: Rob Riutta
Costume Designer:
Deirdre Scully
 Will Hammond, Jr.
Sound Mix and Design: Paul Zahnley, CAS, Matthew Strasser, and Disher Sound
Color: Sean Wells
Producers: Barclay Keir, Matthew Riutta, Jerremy Stewart
Poster Design: Ross Parsons

Film Festivals/Awards:
- California Independent Film Festival * Best Short
- 17 Annual Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema Film Festival

New York No Limits Film Festival

        "Summertime" Song
        Writers: William Hammond, Jr., Matthew Riutta
        - Available for music licensing & use through Harry Fox, Inc.
        - Click BELOW picture for Spotify: