Synopsis: A gay activist rallies the LGBTQ+ community after he and a trans activist are assaulted by a group of religious extremists.

Writer/Director: Matthew Riutta
Cast: Cameron Andrews, James Liao, Veronica Clifford-Carlos, Krystle Piamonte
Cinematographer: Sherri Kauk
Editor: Sean Gillane
Production Designer:
Rob Riutta
Costume Designer:
Deirdre Scully
Sound Mix/Design:
Paul Zahnley, CAS and Disher Sound
Music: Will Hammond, Jr. , The NOLA Brass Band, and Eric Scheide
Marco Ramirez
Producers: Capsaicinco, Stefano Gonzalez, Barclay Keir, Marie Riccobene, Matthew Riutta, Jerremy Stewart
Poster Design: Ross Parsons

Film Festivals/Awards: 
- Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival * Director's Choice Award
- LA LGBTQ+ Film Festival * Best Cinematography
- Phoenix Film Festival 
- Reel Out Charlotte Film Festival 
- Reel Queer Flix - Presented by Cinemama - Oakland
- SF Queer Film Fest * Audience Award/Best Short