Synopsis: When a school cafeteria worker is bullied by a student, she takes matters into her own hands.

Writer/Director: Matthew Riutta
Cast: Darlene Popovic, Athos Argue-Hassanein, Julie Etzel, Renee Penegor
Cinematographer: Bruce Francis Cole
Editor: Collin Kriner
Production Designer: Rob Riutta
Costume Designer:
Deirdre Scully
Music: Ayesu Lartey
Sound Mix and Design: Paul Zahnley, CAS and Disher Sound
Colorist: Sean Wells
Producers: Sharlene Duale, Heather MacLean, Matthew Riutta, Jerremy Stewart
Poster Design: Ross Parsons

Film Festivals: 
- Cinequest VR & Film Festival
- Toronto Shorts International Film Festival