Synopsis:  An anthology of four different Bay Area residents and their intersecting lives on the same day. Shirley is a lunch lady, bullied by a high school student until she takes matters into her own hands. Ben is a closeted gay teen who rehearses a dance with Shayne for their high school's show choir and discovers Shayne has more on his mind than jazz hands. Nate is a grieving father whose journey over the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge goes awry when he picks up a homeless veteran. Victor is a gay activist who rallies the queer community after he and a trans activist are assaulted by a group of religious extremists.

Writer/Director: Matthew Riutta
Cinematographer:  Bruce Francis Cole, Jesse Eisenhardt, Steve Condiotti, and Sherri Kauk
 Collin Kriner, Sean Gillane, and Juma Ma
Production Designer:
Rob Riutta
Location Manager:
Jon Shedd
Costume Designer:
Deirdre Scully
Producers: Sharlene Duale, Brook Holston, Barclay Keir, Heather MacLean, Marie Riccobene, and Jerremy Stewart
Poster Design: Ross Parsons

Festival Screenings/Honors:

SF Queer Film Festival 2022 * Best Feature
IU Cinema - Indiana University, Bloomington, IN