Synopsis:  A grieving father's journey over a bridge goes awry after he picks up a homeless veteran.

Writer/Director: Matthew Riutta
Cast: Ahku, Michael Curry
Cinematographer: Steve Condiotti
Collin Kriner
Production Designer: 
Rob Riutta
Location Manager: 
Jon Shedd
Costume Designer: 
Deirdre Scully
Sound Mix and Design: Paul Zahnley, CAS and Disher Sound
Music: Omar Fadel
Colorist: Sean Wells
Brook Holston, Matthew Riutta, Jerremy Stewart
Poster Design: Ross Parsons

Film Festivals/Awards: 
- Bay Area Shorts Film Festival * Best Short
- Bernal Height Outdoor Film Festival * Audience Award/Best Short
- Bronze Lens Film Festival
- Montreal Independent Film Festival
- NY Tri-State International Film Festival
- Seattle Film Festival
- SF Indie Fest * Jury Award/Best Short
- Silicon Valley Film Festival
- Tokyo International Short Film Festival
- Toronto Black Film Festival

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